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At Aligned Property Services, we offer a complete approach to development consultancy that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a first-time developer, scaling up, or just need that extra expertise, we’re with you every step of the way

What is Aligned Development Consultancy?

It is where we support investors like you, who may be undertaking their first development, moving up from other strategies, or just need some additional resource because they are scaling up their business and don’t want to commit to permanent resource.

Your project is supported from end to end and you get access to a vast, trusted network of property professionals that we’ve used on our inhouse developments including:

Some of the Projects we've consulted on

Development Consultancy - Land Acquisition from Aligned Property Services

This is a plot of land Tony sourced via his network, which went on to be developed for affordable housing.

If you own land, or are interested in buying a plot for development for residential or commercial use, we can help you analyse the deal, and help you identify the best exit.

Housing Development Consultancy Projects from Aligned Property Services

This was a new build project in Fallowfield with a Gross Development Value of £760k.

Acquired the site subject to planning, and worked with a contractor to build them from the ground up. If you have a development in mind why not book a 15 min strategy call?

Our Services

Understanding your project goals is our starting point. We help you cement your vision and develop a master plan to maximise your development value.

We help you look beyond the constraints of your site to unlock its full potential. Whether it’s acquiring more land or optimising existing space, we guide you through the possibilities.

At the inception of your project, we provide a comprehensive financial analysis. This includes assessing design choices, technical constraints, and their implications on your budget and timeline.

Securing planning permission is crucial. We navigate the complexities of local and national regulations to ensure your project is compliant and ready for development.

We connect you with long-term investors through innovative joint venture arrangements, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship that aligns with your project’s goals.

Choosing the right partners, from contractors to service providers, is vital. We help you assemble a team that shares your vision and can execute it flawlessly.

Our Clients

After a quick consultation with Tony, a review of all the supporting documents and a joint call with a member of my professional team, Tony gave me the confidence to crack on
Simon T.
Property Client
I took on my first major renovation project and needed some guidance so I took on Aligned's consultation service. They looked through my project in fine detail, gave me some great advice which saved me a lot of hassle and gave me exactly what I needed. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
D. Sinclair
First Time Property Developer
I’ve recently used Aligned Property Services as I plan to scale up my property development activities in 2024. They've guided me on finance options and made very worthwhile introductions
T. bold

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